Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sunday Card Making Extravaganza

Okay, here are some of the cards I made on Sunday.  I sat in my recliner snapping pictures with Photo Booth on my Mac because I am so tired.  Too tired to get out the point and shoot camera and then upload them.  Let me know what you think, I love to read the comments.

Work was busy per usual today and I am tired.  It was a day of people in pain.  I gave lots of pain medications today.  It is okay to give meds but lots of paper work and concentration.  So it is physically and mentally tiring.

I stopped by one of my favorite places on the way home from work...Ruban Rouge to pay for my Treasure Hunt Bag.  This is the third year for the Tampa Bay Treasure Hunt being held in March.
Approximately 15-16 stores participates in the hunt.  The scrap hunter visits the stores doing a make-n-take, getting your card stamped (to prove you where there), but most importantly to shop!  Those of you who don't know about The Treasure Hunt check out the website.  It is fun and worth the adventure.

Rollie made it home from Ohio last night about midnight.  He is certainly happy to be home because Dayton got six inches of snow today.  I will say it again...I love living in Paradise!!!

Keep the comments coming...I have more card pictures on my camera but too tired or lazy to load them tonite.


Sunday, January 25, 2009

I Love Cards

OMG!!!  I have made soooooo many Valentine cards this week!  I took them to work and gave them to my co-workers...they loved them.  Not enough hours in a day.

Rollie ended up delivering Denny's 40th birthday scrapbook in person.  He flew up to Ohio last Thursday.  Denny loved his book!!!  He said it was the hit of the party.  I must admit it did turn out well.  Lots of good memories.

I promise to do my best to upload photos my projects of this week.  I get carried away scrapping and the next thing I know it is bedtime.

Work in the AM.  I was canceled on Wednesday this past week, so I pulled a midnight shift last night for Hospice.  I came home and slept for four hours and made cards until 8pm (worked in the laundry too).  I had to stop at 8 because I had to clean up the mess.  I was spread out in the dining room, living room, kitchen and scrap room...can anyone relate?  Hubby home tomorrow.  He doesn't understand paper everywhere!  The Yorkie enjoyed helping his Mom scrap, he is always into something.  Every so often I have to chase him around to retrieve some of my paper.

Have a good Monday...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

It's Scrappin' Sunday in Paradise

Good Morning.  Thursday to work at Belleair.  Lorraine stopped by to cancel our Sunday meeting.  (Left my cell phone at home.)  Our plan for today was to meet at Frenchy's for lunch and to lounge the rest of the day on Clearwater Beach.  The weather is not cooperating.  It is a cold day in Paradise.
Okay, back to my neck of the woods for work on Friday.  Unusually slow, it's okay.  One needs a  breather occasionally.  Off at 2p.  Yay-woo...Drove home, filled the gas tank for $35 vs $75 when we where being manipulated during November.  
Stopped by Ruban Rouge to check if they had room for a couple of wayward scrappers...so Cindy and I signed on.  Back home to pack up the goods, walk the Yorkie and a shower to freshen up.
Picked up Cindy, the construction workers did open their driveway for the weekend.
We had a great time!  We made lots of cards...pictures to follow.  We had good food and fun with old friends and met some new ones.
Saturday was a productive day.  The day was spent finishing Valentine cards.  I am almost done with Denny's scrapbook.  Only five days until Denny's 40th birthday.  What fun to look back.
We have had a great life, good kids and a loving family.  
Rollie and Tony went to breakfast with The Blue Knights yesterday.  Too cold for me, Don and Cindy too.
Rollie is planning to ride the motorcycle today for the monthly ride...again I am a fair weathered friend.  And besides one must finish the birthday book.
Today I will remember John Buckmaster (who lost his life twenty five years ago in the bombing of the marine barricks  in Beruit), I will to continue to remember the innocent people who died in the World Trade Centers on 911.   I will be glad when we are past Tuesday, I can barely stand it. 
Have a good day from Tampa Bay...the Yorkie needs walked.
I will load pictures in a little while.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wednesday evening in Florida

Everyday when I watch the National weather I remember how fortunate I am to live in Paradise.  It is a little cool-(50's) yes cool, come on, for us.  Tomorrow another cold front goes by with the high of sixty.  Okay, I will quite.
Work busy, I went in a 6am-unusual for me I am usually the late girl at 730a.  
Tomorrow's work prediction: a short day, but nothing in stone.  One never knows in the Nursing field what might present.  I am remembering to be thankful for the work.
Yorkie is snugged up against me staying warm as I Blog.  We took a fast walk tonite with the hoodie up.
Sunday, I did make it to the sale at Joann's...oh they where busy.  I bought lots of pretty paper.  I chose all double sided cardstock. (6 for $.96)  I picked up some new acrylic stamps that are on sale for 40% off-lady bugs and butterflies.  Sizzix has some cute new stamps...picked those up too, bees and lady bugs-imagine that!  The trims are on sale...threw some of those in the cart.   I used my four 40-50% off coupons for some instruction/idea books.  One clip art (CD missing) so they marked it 75% off, one book of Fairies, a book of punch ideas and a Fast, Fun Card book.  Lots of good ideas, if one only had time to accomplish it all.  In addition, I managed to make the husband mad because it took 4 hours for Wal-Mart and Joann's.  He just doesn't grasp it. 
The house is still decorated for Christmas...but it is okay, I don't mind.  You know who does.
Yesterday the boxes made it to the screen room from the shed.  Today while I was at work the boxes came into the living room next to the big tree.  (I have four little decorated Christmas trees around).  He asked if he took the stuff off the trees could I sort it out.  The boxes are divided to hold each individual ornament!?!  Maybe tomorrow they will go to their boxes and back to the shed.  
Work does get in the way of some household activities.  I hope it never interfers with scrappin'.

Some of the girls who Rock

Forty Years with Denny...

Only 10 more days and Denny will be


Denny's forty year collage

The pictures include Denny's beautiful house he had built a few years ago.  Across the top includes Allison and Ashley, next is Matt (Dana's husband), Denny and Ashley chillin'.  Next row is Ashley next to Grandmother Anna Cox, Denny looking at Allison.  Below Denny with baby Ashley, next comes Allison and finally it is Great Aunt Golden. 

Pictures, I love pictures, family and my animals

Working on Denny's 40 th birthday album...
This is a spinoff of a Debbie Shuh class I took at  The Scrapbook Shoppe on Westshore in Tampa last October...

My cute little kitty.
Oh yeah, get the Yorkshire in...He is looking over the laptop in my lap...always involved.

A Scrapping Kitty too

Okay, I must give this precious kitty some attention too.  Digger chose us twelve years ago.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

A beautiful foggy morning in Paradise

The fog has set in this morning.  Yorkie is ready for his walk so a quick post while I drink my coffee.  The plan today is as follows: scrap, make cards but first a trip to Joann's.  Scrappaper is 6 for $.96.  Of course, I must add to my 10,000 plus sheets of paper!  We made a trip across town last night to Joann's at Citrus Park for some new scenery...well, the sale doesn't start until today and they have the exact merchandis as Curlew Rd.  But we did buzz in next door to Best Buy and buy a couple of Dancin' with the Stars (exercise)  DVDs.  They where on sale too!  I haven't watched yet, but it is on the To Do List today.  Yorkie is in my face giving me kisses and kicking his hind leg...in Yorkenesse that means: "Okay Mom, I have been patient enough, I want my walk NOW!!!"---Okay, Yorkie you win...

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Scrappin' Dusty

Well, the yorkie was walked (a short one) because I wanted to get back and play.  We walked by our good friends house,  Dave and Louise.  The yorkie wanted to stop.  Dave gives him treats everytime we visit.  They where inside tonite and the blinds were closed so we didn't stop.  Yorkie did not want to leave I had to pull him back down the driveway...Dave didn't give him his Whisker Lickin's.  Oh yeah, he prefers cat treats I guess he has gotten used to eating Digger's (our kitty).  Dusty is quite the scrapbook helper...he frequently meets me with a scrap of paper or worse with a piece of a project I am working on.  I have to move fast to retrieve the paper from him because he can shred in no time flat.  It is definitely an attention getter...after all, it is all about Dusty you know.

Dusty needs his mustache combed!  It was an impromptu photo as he was sitting on my lap while I was working on photographing my project  when I set him on the table and shot these photos.  Will clean him up for future photo shoots!

A good day to make Valentine Cards

I spent the day creating Valentine cards and folders.  I took more pictures than this but the others are blurry.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Monday, January 5, 2009


I figured it out!  whew!  It took some time and research but I did it!  Not enough hours in a day.  Okay Denny, if your scrapbook doesn't arrive in time...  you can look at it on the blog.   Tomorrow's plan is to post more pictures of the 40th birthday scrapbook and some Valentine's Day cards.  Yes, Valentine cards.  I was making Valentine cards during Christmas break.
I have some new ideas for cards from surfing the web.  A cuttlebug card I plan to make:
Cut a circle card-punch out the middle-slip cuttlebug embossing folders in the center of the card-emboss the circle-embellish the center to cover.  I saw it on a blog that I follow.  An example forth coming.  So many ideas...

To the dentist on Weds. since I forgot my appointment today.  Louise and I walked the yorkie this evening.  Stopped by Cindy's place for some chat.  Signing off, after all it is midnight and work tomorrow.

Nineteen Days Until Denny's 40th birthday...I have a scrapbook to finish!

Working on putting the scrapbook pages onto my new blog.   It is a challenge...I do enjoy a good challenge.   I have six pages done for Denny's scrapbook present. It's interesting going through old pictures and remembering the past.  The weekends spent fishing in Michigan, family functions, holidays with our extended family.  Yes, I miss those days.  Denny will be FORTY years old.  How can it be?  
Nursing care in the Recovery Room today was busy.  I used lots of supplies...gloves, gloves and more gloves  due to bloody secretions, several suction canisters,  lots of linen due to dripping body fluids.  Feast or famine is the name of the game... one minute not a soul in the room.  The following minute all the bays are full with lots of hustle and bustle.  Conversations overheard:
Where are the keys (to the narcotic cabinet)? Is this bed clean?,  Is the Dr. going to talk to me?, Give me report.  Where is the bathroom?  That nurse did a good job putting in the IV.  No alcohol, no driving, no signing legal documents for 24 hours due to anesthesia-sign here that you heard these discharge instructions.?.  Now you heard a little about what went on in my little corner of the world for seven hours today.  Did I mention that I love nursing but not as much as scrapbooking and cardmaking.  Blogging is going to fit right in with the things I enjoy.
Okay I am now going to post this message and try to figure out how to post the layouts of Denny's scrapbook.
iPhoto, Photobucket, Flickr lots of options..I love a challenge!

EARLY EARLY Monday morn

1a and still creating this blog.. . it is too cool!

Official Google Mac Blog: Bringing Your Photos Home

Official Google Mac Blog: Bringing Your Photos Home

Sunday, January 4, 2009

A lazy Sunday afternoon

Out to dinner last night to Aunt Chilada's Mexican Restaurant.  Shopped at Publix to pick up groceries.  I baked my first apple pie last night.  OMG...it is awesome.  I used Splenda instead of sugar and it worked well.  Spoke with Amanda the SU lady she delivered Donna G's order.  Thanks Amanda.  Walked the Yorkie and went to bed.   Up this morning to the threat of rain.  Rollie went riding with the Blue Knights.  I chose to stay home due to the threat of rain.  No rain yet.  But I did not know where they where heading today (usually north) and I did not want to chance getting wet.  Tried to do some card making couldn't get inspired.  Noted Michael's has Cricut cartridges 50% off-must get there soon.  Yorkie and kitty are napping...doesn't sound too bad.  Mom called earlier and gave the family report.  Uncle John W.  is out of the hospital (valve replacement), Aunt Rosie is still in the Nursing Home due to the fact Uncle John cannot care for her while recovering from his surgery.  Uncle John S. is getting continuous nursing care from Hospice at home.  Mom said he sounded good and strong today.  Uncle Don is in the Nursing Home in Kettering, Ohio due to weakness.  He is on dialysis.   The Dr. is trying to strengthen him to put in a pacemaker.  Mom was planning an afternoon show at the Largo Cultural Center with Sue to see an Elvis impersonator.
Don and Cindy did not ride with the Blue Knights today due having their boat detailed at the BP Station across the street.  I have had them do the Hummer in the past he does a good job at a reasonable price.  I need to get the H3 over.
I heard LaDonna and Bri are back to Colorado and the temperature is in the sixties.
Back to work tomorrow.  Michelle is not working, bummer.  I think we have 27 cases. I start at 8a so that means I will be the late person.  I will try to Skype Michelle and have her check the blog and see if she can retrieve it.  I hear a motorcycle...could it be?

Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year's Eve

Worked from 7:30 to 2:20p.  I would not choose to have surgery on New Year's eve.  But that is why Baskin Robbins has 31 flavors.  We were busy (I am thankful to have a job).  Hopefully some good people who are recently unemployed will choose to go back to school and become a nurse.  The demand is great and one can always find employment.  After work I went to the hairdresser's for a haircut.  Got a great cut for a reasonable price $25 versus the usual $100 plus for color and a cut at the "salon".  Stopped by Michael's for $1 Valentine Stamps...the 50% off coupon was burning my pocket.  I picked up a tag punch (no, I did not have one) for the coupon!  Back home to shower for the party.  A telephone message from Connie and Kevin.  Called them back in Ohio,
they were curious if we where in Ohio for the holidays (it was worth a try).  No, we are enjoying our piece of Paradise in Florida.  Dave and Louise picked us up at 7:30p (Cindy, Don, Mike and Jan followed) for the trip to The Elks Club in Tarpon Springs.  Great time, great friends and good dance music.  Back home by 12:30a.

The first Saturday of the New Year

Happy New Year...I hope this one doesn't go as fast as 2008.  Remember awaiting Y2K?  Here we are nine years later.  
The sun is shining,  yorkie is laying on the back of the couch snoozing, the kitty is cat napping in the craft room, Rollie is eating breakfast with the Blue Knights.  I am creating my first blog posting.  I do wish I had gotten out of bed and gone to breakfast with Rollie.  I worked crazy hours yesterday and got my sleep messed up.  I was up half the night.
Don and Cindy are back from Ohio, Lisa is visiting from Ohio.  The gang rode motorcycles to eat.
Lisa is riding with her dad, Tony.