Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year's Eve

Worked from 7:30 to 2:20p.  I would not choose to have surgery on New Year's eve.  But that is why Baskin Robbins has 31 flavors.  We were busy (I am thankful to have a job).  Hopefully some good people who are recently unemployed will choose to go back to school and become a nurse.  The demand is great and one can always find employment.  After work I went to the hairdresser's for a haircut.  Got a great cut for a reasonable price $25 versus the usual $100 plus for color and a cut at the "salon".  Stopped by Michael's for $1 Valentine Stamps...the 50% off coupon was burning my pocket.  I picked up a tag punch (no, I did not have one) for the coupon!  Back home to shower for the party.  A telephone message from Connie and Kevin.  Called them back in Ohio,
they were curious if we where in Ohio for the holidays (it was worth a try).  No, we are enjoying our piece of Paradise in Florida.  Dave and Louise picked us up at 7:30p (Cindy, Don, Mike and Jan followed) for the trip to The Elks Club in Tarpon Springs.  Great time, great friends and good dance music.  Back home by 12:30a.

The first Saturday of the New Year

Happy New Year...I hope this one doesn't go as fast as 2008.  Remember awaiting Y2K?  Here we are nine years later.  
The sun is shining,  yorkie is laying on the back of the couch snoozing, the kitty is cat napping in the craft room, Rollie is eating breakfast with the Blue Knights.  I am creating my first blog posting.  I do wish I had gotten out of bed and gone to breakfast with Rollie.  I worked crazy hours yesterday and got my sleep messed up.  I was up half the night.
Don and Cindy are back from Ohio, Lisa is visiting from Ohio.  The gang rode motorcycles to eat.
Lisa is riding with her dad, Tony.