Saturday, May 16, 2009

Scrapbook Saturday Pages five and six

Finishing Trims
Creating Keepsakes Magazine

Jennifer McGuire, page 41

Scrapbook Saturday Pages three and four

The amperstand is the inspiration

June, 2009 issue by Jessica Spraque

1st two pages of Cheyenne's Scrapbook


A simple guide to designing scrapbooks Page 31

Scrapbook Saturday

Up this morning a little tired.  Long week working long hours but oh so happy to have a job.
Called Mom everyday this week in Ohio.  I have not caught up with her yet.   Uncle John is to be buried today at Calvary Cemetery, Dayton, Ohio.  Miss you Uncle John.

Washing clothes, looking for the  inspiration for Cheyenne's Scrapbook.  Cindy came by and off we went to Joann's to spend our coupons.  Cindy is leaving for Ohio next week to stay the summer, so sad.  We only cropped one Friday night this whole winter.  We did make The Treasure Hunt together, but did miss our friend Donna going with us.  Bought some sale items at Joann's {paper}!!!

Onward, upward.