Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New Posts are coming soon

A busy time in my life...new posts coming soon.  Last week the completion of the Tampa Bay Treasure Hunt, stay tuned.

Work is crazy, I flip from day shift to night shift...more to come on this subject.

Hopefully in the next day or two a full disclosure.

Have a good day Tampa Bay.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Card supplies, Ink, Stamps, Paper to buy


We have eight more stores to do in the Treasure Hunt in between working.
I'll survive somehow!!! LOL

The Tampa Bay Treasure Hunt

Worked twelve hours at the Surgery Center Friday!!! Yeah!
Up early and on the road to Sarasota (75 miles away) at 8 am (Cindy and I).
We did two stores in Sarasota.
On to St. Pete for Whim so Doodle.
Next, Scrapbooking in Paradise, Gulfport.
Home at 6 pm.
To bed.
Worked midnite shift for Hospice.
Up at 2 pm to Cody's for late lunch.
Back to bed.
Up at 7 pm.
Work at 8 am in the morning.
Treasure Hunt pictures and details to come...oh what fun.

New Technique

I spotted this at Whim so Doodle in St Pete while shopping for The treasure hunt on Sat.

Look Birthday Card

Happy Birthday Cindy!
I found this coloring book page on the internet.
Colored it with prisma colored pencils and tried out the Gamsol.
I used the Gamsol to blend.  

Friday, March 6, 2009

Working is good

Worked a twelve hour day today.  I am happy.  Tired, but happy.  It so hard to get cancelled from work.  It feels like the movie is going on without me.  Nursing is always interesting, maybe hard, busy, stressful, funny, I could go on and on.  Everyday a new adventure.  Today I recovered a patinet monitored them, medicated them, feed them, gave discharge instructions, took out the IV,  helped them get dressed.  Upon helping them into the car she turned to me and said, "Have you volunteered here long?"  It just struck me so funny.  
The treasure hunt started today without me.  But I will pick up the slack in the morning.  Cindy and I are off to Sarasota first thing in the morning.  K2 and Making Memories.  
I work tomorrow night for Hospice midnight shift.
Have a good day, Tampa Bay.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Glass, Plastic purses, copic markers

It was an errand day yesterday.  I was cancelled at the surgery center...boo, hoo.  (New situation for me, I guess with our new economic era I must adjust.)  Patients do not want to pay co-pays so here I am with no work.  I spent the day running...first stop at a shop named Bits and Pieces a country collectible shop...nice.  I found some small colored plastic purses...the plan:  to decorate and place Easter cards inside.  Second stop: Stained Glass Shop to buy scrap glass.  Done.  Now if I can continue with the plan to make collages.  I saw some awesome collages at the art festival a few weeks ago in Mount Dora.  They had clay, stained glass, words, etc. mounted on canvas...the wheels are turning.  Thirdly, I stopped at Masterpiece Fine Art Store and picked up two Copic Markers, they have a limited amount of markers and the owner said that's it for the inventory.  In the future he will order them as needed (he must be on the Obama plan.)  I saw a nurse agency next door.  I popped in and picked up an application for another back-up plan for work.  I have food to buy and trillions of tax $ to pay back.  On to Chick Fillet for a kid's meal...Did you know you can trade the fries for fruit and best of all the toy for small dish of ice cream, oh yeah!  To Uniform City for new uniforms (the surgery center provided us with a voucher).  I spent the afternoon picking out uniforms, I purchased four and on to the Dr.'s appointment.  Next stop Dunkin Donuts for a good cup of coffee.  Went into Sam's Club and picked up my contact order that took forever as they where on back order.  Stopped at the food stand in Sam's and picked up a 16" fresh baked pizza to take home for dinner.  Headed north for home stopping by Nursecore to find out the job market for a midnight shift with Hospice.  Carolyn (the scheduler) had not heard from Hospice so she put a call in, yes they had a midnight shift for me.  I have certainly found out in my years that one must be pro-active to take care of one's self.  Went home ate the pizza and to bed by 6pm, up at 830pm to prepare for my midnight shift.  Off to work at 1115pm, have to get report and count narcotics before the off-going nurse leaves.  Busy night and thankfully my on-coming nurse was thoughtful and arrived at 745am to get report and count with me.  I was out the door at 8am.  I met the husband and a visiting relative for breakfast at the Chatterbox.  Home to sleep.  They left the restaurant and drove to Tampa, Ruskin area to Big Ben: a power plant with a staging dock to view Manatees.  The Manatees come up into the canal area for the run off water from the power plant which is warm.  They went on to Ruskin to a outside fish house for lunch.  They returned with a fish sandwich for me...yum.  I heard the phone recorder I work tomorrow at the surgery center at 8am. thank goodness.  I did sign up at Nursecore for a midnight shift on Saturday night since I have missed two days work this week (Wed and Thurs), for the third week in a row.  God Bless us, I need to eat and scrap.  Have a good day Tampa Bay.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Paper, Stamps, Ink, Nestabilities,Quick Kutz, Punches

Last year, Donna and Cindy on the the treasure hunt.
I am making my lists!  It is the start of the Treasure Hunt Friday.  The Tampa Bay Scrapbooking Treasure Hunt.  We need to decide our route.  Leaving Palm Harbor for Lakeland, Sarasota, Gulfport, St. Pete, Hudson where do we start?  The weather is supposed to be beautiful.  I am going to charge up the camera battery to shoot some photographs.  Stay tuned.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Oh no, the day did not end at The Ice Cream Shoppe.  We went on to the Ellenton Outlet Mall.  The guys guarded the bikes while the three girls stimulated the economy.  I will tell you the Mall was packed.  We better start saving...Millons, Billons, and Trillons are going to come due.  I am sure sooner than later.

Card display

Card display at the Ice Cream Shoppe, Anna Marie, FL.    We should probably add to our motto:  No buffet or ice cream shoppe too far.

Picture Perfect

After breakfast, some of us decided to take a side trip to enjoy the day.  We left New Port Richey and biked down to Anna Marie Island.  We crossed the Sunshine Skyway out of St. Petersburg into Bradenton and out to the island.  Picture perfect.  Barb, Pete, Rollie, me, Tony, Don and Cindy...my scrapping buddy.  Cindy and I are plotting our tracks to the treasure hunt this weekend.  If you are wondering about the treasure hunt.  Go to Tampa Bay Treasure Hunt.com.  This is the third year.  We visit 12 scrapbooking stores spend $5 (LOL) do a make and take get the treasure map stamped you have about a week or so to accomplish this.  See details at mentioned web-site.

Lining up in formation

Yesterday morning at The Countryside Mall.  Our motorcycle club, The Blue Knights met for our weekly breakfast ride.  The restaurant is chosen by the number of people that show up.  We had a large turnout, approximately twenty six bikes.  So off to the buffet (our motto: No Buffet to far) for breakfast.  We do call ahead and warn them.  We went to Barnhill's in New Port Richey.

My Brain on Stamps

So many stamps, so little time.

Posted at the Dr's Office

Cards, brainstorming for card designs

I see card ideas in everything I look at.  Would this be a cute Happy Valentine Night card?  Oh well, there is next year.  Maybe I could make one early.  If it happens I will post it.

Valentine Candy

After a day at Mount Dora we stopped at Russell Stover Outlet!  I said "I'll wait in the car."  NOT.  Anyway,  I thought this was a good Kodak moment.   I wonder how many Zumba classes it would take?  How many hours would it take to consume?  I love chocolate.  One can dream.

Celebrating February

Out to dinner for my birthday, an Italian restaurant in Palm Harbor.  Wosh, there goes the birthday hair.  The hair was a mess but the food was great!

LaPosh Beauty (the one on the left)

My nurse friend, Peg came to work the day before my birthday with the cutest haircut and color.  I  was like...oh who did your hair?  I called Debbie at LaPosh and she worked me in.

Cardmaking Crop Friday Night

A folder favorite, I make alot of these.  An 8.5 x11 piece of cardstock scored in half on the 11" side.  2.25" score on the other side.  Cut a small triangle to enable the fold for pocket.  Tape with Red tape on outside edges of pockets (regular tape will not hold cards and envelopes).