Friday, July 24, 2009

We have a NEW NURSE in the Family

She did it!!!
Dana graduated at 802 PM July 24, 2009...
Congratulations Dana!

Dana's graduation

The graduates just marched in.    Invocation given.  The Irish blessing read.  Introduction of the professors of Ret College @ 715 PM.  We are seated in the second row from the bottom.  Rollie, me, Matt, Margaret, Brynn and Pat.  Dana is seated at the end of her row approximately seven rows back.   Introduction of the keynote speaker.  "Congratulations."  The Mayor is about to speak, Rhin McClin.  Her deceased father, CJ McClin was once Mayor of Dayton and the owner of a funeral home.  The keynote speaker spoke about attitude and tenacity.

740pm  The canidates are receiving their diplomas...Dana's side of the room is still seated.
After the graduates are handed their diplomas by the campus president,  they step forward for a picture with the Mayor.