Sunday, January 4, 2009

A lazy Sunday afternoon

Out to dinner last night to Aunt Chilada's Mexican Restaurant.  Shopped at Publix to pick up groceries.  I baked my first apple pie last night. is awesome.  I used Splenda instead of sugar and it worked well.  Spoke with Amanda the SU lady she delivered Donna G's order.  Thanks Amanda.  Walked the Yorkie and went to bed.   Up this morning to the threat of rain.  Rollie went riding with the Blue Knights.  I chose to stay home due to the threat of rain.  No rain yet.  But I did not know where they where heading today (usually north) and I did not want to chance getting wet.  Tried to do some card making couldn't get inspired.  Noted Michael's has Cricut cartridges 50% off-must get there soon.  Yorkie and kitty are napping...doesn't sound too bad.  Mom called earlier and gave the family report.  Uncle John W.  is out of the hospital (valve replacement), Aunt Rosie is still in the Nursing Home due to the fact Uncle John cannot care for her while recovering from his surgery.  Uncle John S. is getting continuous nursing care from Hospice at home.  Mom said he sounded good and strong today.  Uncle Don is in the Nursing Home in Kettering, Ohio due to weakness.  He is on dialysis.   The Dr. is trying to strengthen him to put in a pacemaker.  Mom was planning an afternoon show at the Largo Cultural Center with Sue to see an Elvis impersonator.
Don and Cindy did not ride with the Blue Knights today due having their boat detailed at the BP Station across the street.  I have had them do the Hummer in the past he does a good job at a reasonable price.  I need to get the H3 over.
I heard LaDonna and Bri are back to Colorado and the temperature is in the sixties.
Back to work tomorrow.  Michelle is not working, bummer.  I think we have 27 cases. I start at 8a so that means I will be the late person.  I will try to Skype Michelle and have her check the blog and see if she can retrieve it.  I hear a motorcycle...could it be?