Sunday, February 15, 2009

One of my favorite pictures

Looking through old pictures...

Envelope Technique

Friday night at The Ruban Rouge Crop a couple of girls showed me a new technique (new to me).  It is just a sealed envelope.  Cover the front of the envelope with a piece of paper, cut about an inch and a half off the top (I would adjust this measurement according to the size envelope I used).  Put on an embellishment.  Cut a piece of cardstock for the inside greeting.
Slide the embellished greeting inside.  Place the top back on.  Sign the back as usual.  Place in a little bigger envelope and you are set.  Easy enough.
I am sharing this technique at a gathering on Saturday.  Looking forward to learning something new.  We all bring something to share.

Jenifer and Victoria

A couple of cuties...of course, I am a proud aunt.  This was taken at JC Penney's around 8-10 years ago.  Don't worry Jen, I will publish some earlier ones.  It is so hard to believe you are twenty and a world traveler.  You two are the best!!!

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

The fourth was my birthday soooooo I spent my birthday money on a set of 36 Copic Sketch Markers and a set of 12 "at -you- Spica "markers (water based pigment markers).  Of course the Copic markers are alcohol based.

Template for waterfall card

I bought this template yesterday at Stamp Fest for a waterfall card.  Easy to use with a craft knife and glass cutting mat.  I have Easter on my mind.

Hippity Hoppity Easter's on its way

I picked up the stamp yesterday at Stamp Fest in Clearwater.  It was a great day!  I saw lots of good friends, had lots of fun shopping (spent lots of $) what more could a girl ask for!