Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy Nurse's Week May6

Reported the comment problem

I reported the problem with the comments.  I hope it is resolved soon.
I wondered why I haven't had comments lately.
Thanks Donna 

Double your fun

Last year at Donna Downey's Inspired Event.  I am thinking of you Miss Donna as we go separate ways this year.  You will be having fun creating while I am having fun partying with the Blue Knight's in Mobile.  Have a double for me.  Love ya...

A few years ago


Things change and things stay the same.
Fifteen years ago:
It is interesting trying to keep the details of life straight.  It is taxing my brain this morning.
We where living in Michigan when Ashley was born.  I remember her cute little nursery in the upstairs bedroom in Miamisburg.  We had returned from Florida after our first winter snow-birding.  We got up early on the twenty eighth drove to Kettering hospital for the birth of Ashley as she was born by planned C-Section.  Shortly after her birth Denny and family moved to Trenton.
Eighteen years ago:
I remember holding Victoria shortly after her birth at Wright Patterson Air Force Base.
Victoria roomed with her Mom, her little bed sitting close to her Mom's.  Kenny and family had returned back to Dayton after a short move to Kentucky just before her birth.  We where living in Miamisburg, Rollie was still working at the Sheriff's Office.  Kenny was working as a correction's officer at the SO.

Happy Birthday Victoria and Ashley.

Happy Birthday Victoria