Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sunday Card Making Extravaganza

Okay, here are some of the cards I made on Sunday.  I sat in my recliner snapping pictures with Photo Booth on my Mac because I am so tired.  Too tired to get out the point and shoot camera and then upload them.  Let me know what you think, I love to read the comments.

Work was busy per usual today and I am tired.  It was a day of people in pain.  I gave lots of pain medications today.  It is okay to give meds but lots of paper work and concentration.  So it is physically and mentally tiring.

I stopped by one of my favorite places on the way home from work...Ruban Rouge to pay for my Treasure Hunt Bag.  This is the third year for the Tampa Bay Treasure Hunt being held in March.
Approximately 15-16 stores participates in the hunt.  The scrap hunter visits the stores doing a make-n-take, getting your card stamped (to prove you where there), but most importantly to shop!  Those of you who don't know about The Treasure Hunt check out the website.  It is fun and worth the adventure.

Rollie made it home from Ohio last night about midnight.  He is certainly happy to be home because Dayton got six inches of snow today.  I will say it again...I love living in Paradise!!!

Keep the comments coming...I have more card pictures on my camera but too tired or lazy to load them tonite.