Sunday, January 18, 2009

It's Scrappin' Sunday in Paradise

Good Morning.  Thursday to work at Belleair.  Lorraine stopped by to cancel our Sunday meeting.  (Left my cell phone at home.)  Our plan for today was to meet at Frenchy's for lunch and to lounge the rest of the day on Clearwater Beach.  The weather is not cooperating.  It is a cold day in Paradise.
Okay, back to my neck of the woods for work on Friday.  Unusually slow, it's okay.  One needs a  breather occasionally.  Off at 2p.  Yay-woo...Drove home, filled the gas tank for $35 vs $75 when we where being manipulated during November.  
Stopped by Ruban Rouge to check if they had room for a couple of wayward Cindy and I signed on.  Back home to pack up the goods, walk the Yorkie and a shower to freshen up.
Picked up Cindy, the construction workers did open their driveway for the weekend.
We had a great time!  We made lots of to follow.  We had good food and fun with old friends and met some new ones.
Saturday was a productive day.  The day was spent finishing Valentine cards.  I am almost done with Denny's scrapbook.  Only five days until Denny's 40th birthday.  What fun to look back.
We have had a great life, good kids and a loving family.  
Rollie and Tony went to breakfast with The Blue Knights yesterday.  Too cold for me, Don and Cindy too.
Rollie is planning to ride the motorcycle today for the monthly ride...again I am a fair weathered friend.  And besides one must finish the birthday book.
Today I will remember John Buckmaster (who lost his life twenty five years ago in the bombing of the marine barricks  in Beruit), I will to continue to remember the innocent people who died in the World Trade Centers on 911.   I will be glad when we are past Tuesday, I can barely stand it. 
Have a good day from Tampa Bay...the Yorkie needs walked.
I will load pictures in a little while.