Monday, November 9, 2009

The Ninth Day of November Already

Wow, this Saturday is the Blue Knight's campout at Corey's...can't wait. I know it will be a blast.
We are avoiding Hurricane Ida tonight, it looks like it will hit the Panhandle. We are having big gusts of wind, the rain is supposed to start late tonight or tomorrow. It is supposed to be clear by the weekend.
Since my last posting we have done some traveling. In September we rode the motorcycle six hundred miles north to Greenville, SC. The Blue Knight's SRC, it rained the entire time but never fear we had a great time partying with friends.
October found us off to Ohio as my MIL passed away. Home for the week to lay her to rest.
November brings Roland and Matt's birthdays. It also is our twenty-eighth anniversary on the twenty-eighth!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Korean Pictures

Korean pictures to come, I am trying to locate the wire needed.
It will appear I am sure, so stay tuned.  
Lots of pics and stories to tell.


What a life!
11:20 am, August 13, 2009 took off from Atlanta for Seoul, South Korea.    Arrived in Korea after an eighteen hour flight.  Wow, what an experience.  I tried to get a first class ride but no success.
Rollie booked my flight on line for a reasonable price considering a ride across the world.  So I looked into upgrading at the travel agency, ugh, $9000...don't think so.  So when I arrived in Atlanta I checked again, just maybe...nope the reservation clerk just assured me it would be thousands to upgrade, okay I lose.  
Actually, it wasn't so bad, I can say that now.  I rode in a three seat row on the aisle, a must, with the seat next to me empty and a young man seated by the window.  Zach, the young man by the window was headed to Seoul for his first assignment in the Army.
I flew Korean Air which was quite impressive.  They constantly served soft drinks and snacks via tray, no annoying cart wheeling up and down the aisle.  They served two hot meals with wine included.  A few sips of the Korean wine and I decided quickly I did not want to be intoxicated at 32,000 feet.  
About eight hours into the flight the ted hose (medical hose to prevent blood clots) came off, my legs where so uncomfortable, so I took two Tylenol PMs.  I joined some others in the back of the airplane for middle of  the night stretches after a tour of first class and glaring at those lucky people in their drop down seat beds.  Back to the seat and my legs felt better but no sleep.  So I took another Tylenol PM, okay I took another.  Number four was my limit, I slept a good solid hour without hearing anything.  But after one hour...wide awake.  My legs didn't hurt!

The story continues.

Friday, July 24, 2009

We have a NEW NURSE in the Family

She did it!!!
Dana graduated at 802 PM July 24, 2009...
Congratulations Dana!

Dana's graduation

The graduates just marched in.    Invocation given.  The Irish blessing read.  Introduction of the professors of Ret College @ 715 PM.  We are seated in the second row from the bottom.  Rollie, me, Matt, Margaret, Brynn and Pat.  Dana is seated at the end of her row approximately seven rows back.   Introduction of the keynote speaker.  "Congratulations."  The Mayor is about to speak, Rhin McClin.  Her deceased father, CJ McClin was once Mayor of Dayton and the owner of a funeral home.  The keynote speaker spoke about attitude and tenacity.

740pm  The canidates are receiving their diplomas...Dana's side of the room is still seated.
After the graduates are handed their diplomas by the campus president,  they step forward for a picture with the Mayor.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I belong to the group Stamplicious.

Picture Perfect days at the beach

Saturday I dropped Rollie off at the airport for an Ohio trip.

I whipped on over to IKEA, cool place.

Sunday am, to church and on to Sandkey Beach with Lorraine.  It was a picture perfect day.  No humidity (unusual for Florida), perfect temperature.  We are planning another beach day for this Sunday.

I was cancelled for today, no surgical cases!!!  So the York and I got up early (8am) and went to the dog beach at Honeymoon was awesome!  The Yorkie played with a lot of different dogs big and small.  He chased birds into the water.  He is exhausted this afternoon.  He is sacked out on the back of the couch.

Have a good day Tampa Bay.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Scrapbook Saturday Pages seven and eight

Hooray for Saturday... 

Mom is supposed to arrive from Dayton today and I am to pick her up at the airport.  I called her first thing this morning to tell her about the threat of severe storms.  I hope she makes it without too much delay.  She has a straight thru flight so that helps without worrying about making a connecting flight.

Back to work today on Cheyenne's date November 14.
Here is pages seven and eight.