Monday, November 9, 2009

The Ninth Day of November Already

Wow, this Saturday is the Blue Knight's campout at Corey's...can't wait. I know it will be a blast.
We are avoiding Hurricane Ida tonight, it looks like it will hit the Panhandle. We are having big gusts of wind, the rain is supposed to start late tonight or tomorrow. It is supposed to be clear by the weekend.
Since my last posting we have done some traveling. In September we rode the motorcycle six hundred miles north to Greenville, SC. The Blue Knight's SRC, it rained the entire time but never fear we had a great time partying with friends.
October found us off to Ohio as my MIL passed away. Home for the week to lay her to rest.
November brings Roland and Matt's birthdays. It also is our twenty-eighth anniversary on the twenty-eighth!