Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wednesday evening in Florida

Everyday when I watch the National weather I remember how fortunate I am to live in Paradise.  It is a little cool-(50's) yes cool, come on, for us.  Tomorrow another cold front goes by with the high of sixty.  Okay, I will quite.
Work busy, I went in a 6am-unusual for me I am usually the late girl at 730a.  
Tomorrow's work prediction: a short day, but nothing in stone.  One never knows in the Nursing field what might present.  I am remembering to be thankful for the work.
Yorkie is snugged up against me staying warm as I Blog.  We took a fast walk tonite with the hoodie up.
Sunday, I did make it to the sale at Joann's...oh they where busy.  I bought lots of pretty paper.  I chose all double sided cardstock. (6 for $.96)  I picked up some new acrylic stamps that are on sale for 40% off-lady bugs and butterflies.  Sizzix has some cute new stamps...picked those up too, bees and lady bugs-imagine that!  The trims are on sale...threw some of those in the cart.   I used my four 40-50% off coupons for some instruction/idea books.  One clip art (CD missing) so they marked it 75% off, one book of Fairies, a book of punch ideas and a Fast, Fun Card book.  Lots of good ideas, if one only had time to accomplish it all.  In addition, I managed to make the husband mad because it took 4 hours for Wal-Mart and Joann's.  He just doesn't grasp it. 
The house is still decorated for Christmas...but it is okay, I don't mind.  You know who does.
Yesterday the boxes made it to the screen room from the shed.  Today while I was at work the boxes came into the living room next to the big tree.  (I have four little decorated Christmas trees around).  He asked if he took the stuff off the trees could I sort it out.  The boxes are divided to hold each individual ornament!?!  Maybe tomorrow they will go to their boxes and back to the shed.  
Work does get in the way of some household activities.  I hope it never interfers with scrappin'.

Some of the girls who Rock

Forty Years with Denny...

Only 10 more days and Denny will be


Denny's forty year collage

The pictures include Denny's beautiful house he had built a few years ago.  Across the top includes Allison and Ashley, next is Matt (Dana's husband), Denny and Ashley chillin'.  Next row is Ashley next to Grandmother Anna Cox, Denny looking at Allison.  Below Denny with baby Ashley, next comes Allison and finally it is Great Aunt Golden. 

Pictures, I love pictures, family and my animals

Working on Denny's 40 th birthday album...
This is a spinoff of a Debbie Shuh class I took at  The Scrapbook Shoppe on Westshore in Tampa last October...

My cute little kitty.
Oh yeah, get the Yorkshire in...He is looking over the laptop in my lap...always involved.

A Scrapping Kitty too

Okay, I must give this precious kitty some attention too.  Digger chose us twelve years ago.