Sunday, January 25, 2009

I Love Cards

OMG!!!  I have made soooooo many Valentine cards this week!  I took them to work and gave them to my co-workers...they loved them.  Not enough hours in a day.

Rollie ended up delivering Denny's 40th birthday scrapbook in person.  He flew up to Ohio last Thursday.  Denny loved his book!!!  He said it was the hit of the party.  I must admit it did turn out well.  Lots of good memories.

I promise to do my best to upload photos my projects of this week.  I get carried away scrapping and the next thing I know it is bedtime.

Work in the AM.  I was canceled on Wednesday this past week, so I pulled a midnight shift last night for Hospice.  I came home and slept for four hours and made cards until 8pm (worked in the laundry too).  I had to stop at 8 because I had to clean up the mess.  I was spread out in the dining room, living room, kitchen and scrap room...can anyone relate?  Hubby home tomorrow.  He doesn't understand paper everywhere!  The Yorkie enjoyed helping his Mom scrap, he is always into something.  Every so often I have to chase him around to retrieve some of my paper.

Have a good Monday...