Sunday, February 1, 2009

I Love Cards and all the paper

Okay, the Yorkshire is walked and tired.  He is fast asleep on the end of my recliner.  The Super Bowl is on...Steelers 17 and Cardinals 7.  I have been listening to the game from the scrap room.  I have now joined the viewing from the recliner, only because I am too tired to make more cards.  I got out of bed at 5:30 this morning to scrap.  I worked until 10:00 when we left for the flea market.  I found what I was looking for...some plastic bags for my cards.  I was on the look out for scrapbooking supplies, none to be found.  Although I did buy some stickers...LOL, Mickey Mouse stickers!  We stopped at Cracker Barrel to eat lunch at noon, but there was a thirty minute wait so we walked next door to the Long John Silvers.
Back home and started on the cards.  I love the new paper pad I bought the other day at Michael's.
I find Michael's has the best paper pads vs. Joann's.  Joann's seems to have the best single paper selection.  Well, here is a couple of the cards made with Pretty Poppies.

Another Sunday-card making extravaganza

Wednesday is my fifty second we are going to celebrate at Disney since it is free on one's birthday this year.  A gang of us celebrated the big 5-0 at Fort Wilderness two years ago, that is the last time we where there.  We rented at the campground as The Wilderness Lodge was full.  A waitress at the HopDeeDo commented "that I was a half a century old" after observing that I was celebrating fifty.  Well, before that comment I didn't think much about turning fifty.  Matter of fact, life is good.  I kinda liked fifty...until her comment!  I fretted about it the rest of the evening.  Upon rising in the morning my Mom said to me "Quit worrying, I am three quarters of a century old."  Okay.  So that explains my interest in Mickey cards today.  I made tons of cards again today.  Will post soon...the Yorkshire is telling me with a kick of the hind leg he needs to be walked.  Let's go York...I am listening.