Sunday, February 1, 2009

Another Sunday-card making extravaganza

Wednesday is my fifty second we are going to celebrate at Disney since it is free on one's birthday this year.  A gang of us celebrated the big 5-0 at Fort Wilderness two years ago, that is the last time we where there.  We rented at the campground as The Wilderness Lodge was full.  A waitress at the HopDeeDo commented "that I was a half a century old" after observing that I was celebrating fifty.  Well, before that comment I didn't think much about turning fifty.  Matter of fact, life is good.  I kinda liked fifty...until her comment!  I fretted about it the rest of the evening.  Upon rising in the morning my Mom said to me "Quit worrying, I am three quarters of a century old."  Okay.  So that explains my interest in Mickey cards today.  I made tons of cards again today.  Will post soon...the Yorkshire is telling me with a kick of the hind leg he needs to be walked.  Let's go York...I am listening.

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