Saturday, January 10, 2009

Scrappin' Dusty

Well, the yorkie was walked (a short one) because I wanted to get back and play.  We walked by our good friends house,  Dave and Louise.  The yorkie wanted to stop.  Dave gives him treats everytime we visit.  They where inside tonite and the blinds were closed so we didn't stop.  Yorkie did not want to leave I had to pull him back down the driveway...Dave didn't give him his Whisker Lickin's.  Oh yeah, he prefers cat treats I guess he has gotten used to eating Digger's (our kitty).  Dusty is quite the scrapbook helper...he frequently meets me with a scrap of paper or worse with a piece of a project I am working on.  I have to move fast to retrieve the paper from him because he can shred in no time flat.  It is definitely an attention getter...after all, it is all about Dusty you know.

Dusty needs his mustache combed!  It was an impromptu photo as he was sitting on my lap while I was working on photographing my project  when I set him on the table and shot these photos.  Will clean him up for future photo shoots!


  1. We enjoyed the pics of Dusty..
    Brianna sends him kisses!!

    Love Ya

    LaDonna and Brianna

  2. Oh he is absolutley adorable :)

    Thankyou for following my blog - I look forward to visiting you too :)

  3. he is so cute! I love my yorkie too =)

  4. He is just so cute and adoable! Love him!

  5. Dusty is such a precious little Yorkie! Thanks for sharing your pics with us!

  6. Patti! I have a Yorkie too, and she looks almost like yours. Of course not exactly, but the color of the fur and the length of the fur.
    He is sooooo cute too!
    How old is Dusty?
    Jodi =)