Monday, May 18, 2009

Managing Monday

The weekend flew by.  Slept in a little on Saturday, did some pages for Chey's scrapbook.  Shopped with Cindy at Joann's, laundry and played on facebook.  Up Sunday morning for church, 8:15 service.  Back home to pick up the husband, out to breakfast, on to the grocery store.  I made two cards which seemed to take forever.  We went out to dinner with Don and Cindy and poof it was Monday.

Work was quite busy today, a lot of colonoscopies and orthopaedics.  Nursing is a new adventure every day.  I went in at 8am and out at 6pm.  Busy, busy the whole day.  Four nurses worked the recovery room today.  Oh yeah, we did kids early with ears and tonsils.

Came home to walk the Yorkie in the light mist of rain.  It did storm all day today.  Our electricity went out briefly at work two times and of came right back on.  We have a generator the size of a house.  We could continue any procedures that are started.  I don't think we stayed on generator for any amount of time today.  I think we just had flash power outages.

So I sit here tonight so tired, but hate to give up.  I read all my group mail, watched Dancing with the Stars.  Back at it in the morning.  An 8am start and I am the late girl again, which is great.  I am thankful to have a job and a good job at that.

Have a good day Tampa Bay.

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