Thursday, May 7, 2009

Good Morning

Awoke this morning in Chipley, AL (near Panama City) on our way to Mobile for The Southern Regional Conference.  We got up yesterday cleaned the house, walked the dog (packed his suit case: food, treats, proof of shots and flea protection and of course a stack of goodies for his caregivers) packed our clothes.  Rollie went to breakfast with Tony when they came back they loaded the motorcycle on the trailer.  Rollie decided to trailer the bike due to the fact that I have to work Monday morning and he felt it would be to hard on me to drive straight through home and get up Monday.  He's a good guy.
Called and checked on the Yorkshire at the Precious Pets Luxury Dog Resort.  Amanda said he has made a friend with a chihauha and another Yorkie girl-Bailey.  She said when they let him out he ran quickly out the door turned around came back and rolled Bailey-wrestling all around the yard.  I can visualize the scene as it is typical Dusty...loves to play.  When he returns home from his stint at the dog resort he sleeps for several days as he is so tired from playing.
I called Cindy to check on Digger as Diggy has to stay home alone...which she loves with Dusty gone.  Cindy said she got major love...thanks Cindy.
We made it to Spring Hill yesterday about an hour up the road from home when we had to stop for a NAP!  Yes, we were both so tired.
We had dinner at the worst Huddle House in Florida as we had no other choice.
We drove on to Chipley and got a room here at The Holiday Inn Express-very nice, clean and they have an awesome breakfast that is included.
I'll stop now and meet the husband for breakfast as he left me behind writing this.
Onward, upward.

Get Well Steve.

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